Arctotheca calendula

Other Common Names:

Cape Weed, African Daisy, Gousblom

Weed Type:

Annual Weed


Prostrate annuals, daisy-like flowers, hairy leaves, taproot

Control Methods:


Active Ingredient / Herbicides:

2,4-D (e.g., Turfweeder)

About this weed

Arctotheca calendula, also known as Cape Weed & Gousblom is a plant native to South Africa.
It is a low-growing, herbaceous, winter annual to perennial plant with a stoloniferous root system.
The plant’s basal leaves form a rosette of elongated, silvery green leaves with toothed to deeply lobed margins.
The “petals” are yellow with darker yellow bases and greenish or purplish colored undersides.
Arctotheca calendula prefers sandy, well-drained soil, sand dunes, stream banks, and rocky outcrops.
It can be found in coastal areas, on disturbed soil, along roadsides, and old farmlands.
It is useful as a showy ground cover or edging plant, great for hillsides and large areas

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