Berkheya rigida

Other Common Names:

Disseldoring, African Thistle

Weed Type:

Perennial Weed


1.2m tall, silvery prickly foliage, thistle-like seeds

Control Methods:

Dig out established plants, hoe young plants

Active Ingredient / Herbicides:

MCPA (e.g., Banweed)

About this weed

The Disseldoring (Berkheya rigida), also known as the African Thistle, is a prickly perennial herb or sub-shrub that can grow up to 80 cm tall. It has alternate leaves that are deeply divided into narrow lobes with prickly tips and rolled under margins. The midribs are large and white, and sometimes noticeable.
Berkheya rigida is native to South Africa and is considered an environmental weed in some parts of Australia. It can be found in subhumid warm-temperate to subtropical regions, primarily on loose sandy soils and occasionally on better class soils inland. It is a weed of coastal areas, pastures, recreational areas, roadsides, and watercourses.

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