Aizoon glinoides

Other Common Names:

Silky Baconfig, Donkey Eyes, Aizoon

Weed Type:

Annual Weed


Prostrate succulents, fleshy foliage

Control Methods:


Active Ingredient / Herbicides:

Glyphosate (e.g., Roundup)

About this weed

Aizoon glinoides, also known as the Silky Baconfig, Donkey Eyes or Aizoon is a leaf succulent that can grow in South Africa.
It is a ground-hugging plant with branches that radiate from a central tap root.
It can grow well in sun, wind, and sandy, stony, or poor soil, but too much shade can negatively affect flowering.
Aizoon glinoides has yellow, bisexual flowers that grow solitary from leaf axils on short pedicels.
The perianth tube is short and bell-shaped, with five pointed, spreading lobes. The outsides are green and hairy, sometimes long-haired, while the petal-like insides are smooth and yellow.

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