Wondrous Watsonias

Wondrous Watsonias

Wondrous Watsonias It’s that time of year when gardeners start planning for their spring display and we are in for a bit of a treat this year. Hadeco are releasing 2 new colours to their range. Watsonias are ideal for bringing bold splashes of colour to indigenous gardens and because of their tall, statuesque bearing, look eye catching in mixed borders.

One of the best things about planting Hadeco flower bulbs is how easy it is. Their bulbs already have all the nutrients to grow and flowers stored up in their tight little folds; all you need to do is plant them in a suitable place and make sure they get watered well throughout the winter and spring months. Each bulb pack has detailed planting instructions that will tell you how much sun they want, how deep to put them etc.

After a short absence from their range, the indigenous Amaryllis belladonna is once again available. Visit your local garden centre or hyper to see the huge range of winter and spring flowering bulbs that Hadeco have to offer.

Information supplied by Hadeco Bulbs. For more information please visit www.hadeco.co.za.

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