While walking my dogs

While walking my dogsà

While walking my dogsàMy dogs and I are fortunate enough to take each other for morning walks in Table Mountain. This daily activity is an ever-changing reality with seasonal change. This morning saw me grinning from ear to ear. The sun was breaking through a hole in the clouds, the air crisp (OK, cold!) and the wind just strong enough that everything smelled clean.

You know how sometimes, for no apparent reason at all, everything falls into place and time stands still just for a second? When your soul outwits your personality. Well, walking up my path thinking how soft and yummy the plants are grouped û the profusion of purple grasses and huge proteas, a soft moss-green framing the most charming mountain stream. I had this absurd question go through my mind ôà who did the landscaping?ö

While walking my dogsàNow, I often ask this question, so I guess itÆs not that farfetched when sweating uphill too early in the morning. But what made me so happy is that trends are moving towards Nature and her aesthetic perfection. The relevant landscape was so perfect in its indigenous simplicity. I have seen semi-blueprints, smaller in scale of course, appear in my magazines, on TV and real life.

To recreate this you would need to study your surrounding nature. Go walk in the veld closest to your home, for it is here that you will see evidence of how it used to look before. Sit still and zone into the big overall, see what the colours look like together - whether they are lush and green, or khakis and browns. Then zone into small areas by your feet. What are the plants that grow here and who do they attract? What is the ground cover - woodlends (bark) or veld (stones)? Listen too, for every space sounds different. As with smell. Take it all in and take photographs of your favourite nooks. Then go sit in your own backyard with your pictures and start making notes. You will be surprised how 'right' this feels.While walking my dogsà

You really can't go wrong with this type of style as when a design has purpose in it, it makes sense and when something makes sense we tend to feel secure and happy. At peace if you like. Which is exactly why we take to the woods, the park and our gardens. There is our proof of Full Circle, equilibrium... perfection.

All the best,
The Gardening Eden Team

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