Water restrictions

Water restrictions.

My garden has finally reached that silvery effect that I always longed for. The only problem is that it is silvery because it is staring death in the eye. In fact most of Cape Town has this brittle silvery look, for the Western Cape is going through crisis times with a serious water shortage. Our gardens are playing the survival game and most of us sit helplessly, watching our beloved plants suffer in silence. This is torture in itself, because a garden brings parental feelings out in most of us and your natural instinct is to water it when it is thirsty. Then you have the 'pleasure' of driving past building sites where the water (that can save your garden!) runs in rivers down the streets.

Then drive through wealthy neighbourhoods where the law doesn't seem to apply and sprinkler systems (illegal nowadays) are spraying into Southeasters or pointing for no apparent reason towards the street at 13h00. While seeing lush greens and wet paving, you repeat the words "I'm not bitter! I'm not bitter!" And having chanted that a couple of hundred times I once again meditate on my budget-resolution for drip irrigation - it being the most effective and only legal form of irrigation systems. Phillip Botha of Cape Waterplant, one of our appreciated sponsors, says drip installation uses about 70% less water than a conventional sprinkler would use in the same circumstances. Water restrictions may very well become the way of the future. Respect for our water will hopefully become a way of the future. Why not make that your latest resolution.

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