Dig some Wabi-Sabi!

Dig some Wabi-Sabi!

I'm entering this New Year with plenty G & T's - as in Grins and Tribulations. My garden is behaving like a stroppy teenager, pushing my limits constantly and appreciating nothing I do for it. Indoors I have finally got off of my denial-page and thrown in the towel as far as my Ficus is concerned. My 1,5m high Ficus (we all know what it will cost to replace) has lost its battle against scale insect and I'm the last to admit it.

I've had Ficus for many years and got it as a gift from a dear friend. So, you believe me when I tell you I fought this scale-enemy tooth-and-nail. I can't deal with my guests' sharp intakes of breath, brief frowns and sympathetic "is she shedding leaves just now?" enquiries anymore. Enough is enough. Then I read an article in (January 2006) Tuin Paleis that cheered me up - it's all about going Wabi-sabi. Sounds like something for other people, hey?! But no - this is a 15th century-old Zen Buddhists art-form, that in-a-nutshell comes down to the idea that imperfection is good and beautiful too. Well! About time hey! I warn you that I will walk away with a gold medal every time if they start a Wabi-sabi Flowershow. I'm very good at imperfection.

Second thing that made me grin was SA Gardening (January 2006) Gardening's new rules. They tell me that I should dig as little as possible, for otherwise I'm disturbing my garden's ecosystem - don't want to do that now, do we? Especially since my ecosystem is clay that is almost impossible to dig into anyway! So Yay!! 2006 looks good so far. Now if we can all do away with prejudice and negative assumptions this year, Cape Town and South Africa will rock even more than it already does!

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