Vibrant Violas

Vibrant Violas

Vibrant ViolasNative to Central and South America, and

A garden border wouldn't be complete without a radiant clump of charming violas. Their vibrant and extensive range of coloured 'faces' includes deep blues, purples and lilacs, rich magentas and purple-pinks - many with eye-catching streaks, blotches or flakes of another colour.

Violas are perfect for edging beds, in pots and containers and are quite spectacular when massed planted. They are also ideal for linking other plants in the border. Purple and blue hued violas look particularly striking when planted amongst yellow daffodils. There they provide colour and interest before, and after the daffs have flowered, ensuring a constant colour feast. As unlikely as it may sound, a single viola plant, if cared for correctly, will produce in excess of 1 000 flowers in a season. Deadheading regularly throughout the year will not only keep plants tidy, but encourages more flowers.

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