Think Green

Think Green.

As South Africans we are blessed with stunning pro-gardening weather û most of the time. But our winters can also be very cold and Black Frost visits some regions like the Free State every other year. So why not opt for a greenhouse this year? They come in all sizes and such a structure can finally become your very own hideaway. A place to propagate, protect and play in. Such a personal space becomes a gardening haven; much needed by us plant junkies. What with condensed smells and energy the calming effect of stepping into your greenhouse will be immediate and intense.

Easy Greenhouses offers an easy to assemble, DIY, light weight and safe unit that comes with CD guide and step by step manual. Their attractive greenhouses can thus be moved where and as you want it. Contact Linda for more information and see EASY GREENHOUSES PAGE

To serve as a winter space your location will be where youÆll find the most sunlight. But why use it solely during the cold seasons? If possible, place it under a deciduous tree that could give you cool shade in summer. You can grow most plants successfully here - from fruit, veggies and herbs to ornamentals. Just ensure good air-flow, check on light and humidity and heat, pests and diseases.

These rooms should be your very own Place of Passion where you can garden, paint if you wish, contemplate life or just sit in. Add your favourite throw, a flask of hot chocolate and a good book and BobÆs your uncle!

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