Spring and Noddy

Spring and Noddy.

There is a very cheerful song in one of my daughter's Noddy books about spring. I do my best to sing it with my best cheerful voice, some rhythm and a nodding head, but suddenly she has taken to holding up her 2-year old hand and shaking her head in a vigorous, if violent 'no-fashion' every time I have a go at this. At first I felt the childish pangs of hurt feelings. That is until my husband started singing one of his songs to her and she nearly started crying in her attempt to stop him. This made me feel somewhat better and it seems we'll have to keep our day jobs and stick to gardening. Which, right now is a pleasure as it is finally spring again and like the song goes, the sun is higher and lingering longer.

My garden is ablaze with colour and looking spectacular even though I haven't lifted a finger in it for some weeks. But so is the Cape. Table Mountain is such a treat right now what with all the waterfalls in flow. I visited our mountain last weekend upon returning from a trip to Namibia and what a contrast! Namibia has a spacious, thinly populated charm like few other places. A breathing space in sepia if you may. But getting back to my Mother City was a beautiful experience. One of relief that my quality of life is so good here that I actually miss it on holiday! Our fynbos is spectacular right now. Our pavements are strewn with wild flowers. We have Arum lilies dotting ex-rubbish tips for Pete's sake! It's a good place to be this time of year. But then, so is the rest of the country. You really haven't experienced spring if you haven's seen and smelled a Bloemfontein backyard this time of year. Blossoms are in abundance and you get that heady, 'new-beginnings' sensation. This time of the year the world is forgiving and hopeful. Pupils take their favourite teachers posies of Sweet peas (well, they did in the past)... now, that takes me back!

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