Spring Fever in Buitenkant Street

Spring Fever in Buitenkant Street

Spring Fever in Buitenkant StreetRobin Williams once described it so well with spring being nature's way of saying 'Let's Party!' This is the time that we meet in the garden with our friends. El fresco lunches. Picnics. Memories via the digital.

Right now our gardens are entering a rebirth phase and we get a few days of perfect Green weather. We can now enjoy the garden & give our plants good growing, acclimatizing & thriving opportunity. So grab this opportunity and create your summer paradise now and remember to fertilize and water, freshen up mulch, cut back plants that are finished flowering and sow summer beauties that will.

Spring Fever in Buitenkant StreetFinally give plenty love and thanks. This month of Virgo is said to be represented by just about every goddess out there. Her Bio Rhythm peaks this time of year and every plant and living creature wants to jump out of its own skin with joy. This abundant energy is everywhere and in the most unexpected spaces. It is a hopeful oomph belonging to this time of year - this time of perfect Creation that should be appreciated by us humans too. Take off your shoes and drink something cold!

In my party bag I found the most delicious surprise. Heading for my TMT (Table Mountain Therapy) in the mornings, I pass concrete, chaos and a very grey CBD. Buitenkant Street is my path of choice and I know it with my eyes closed û or so I thought!

Right there behind heavy black gates (across the road from the new Temple House building) is nestled the spring garden of my childhood dreams. A fairytale orchard with dusty-pink blossoms and lemon trees heavy with its harvests, all softly edged with faded soft greens. Herbs I guess. An atmosphere to make you gasp and giggle, called Spring Fever.

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