Rubble Trouble

Rubble Trouble

I envy fellow homeowners-of-new-property that only have rubble to complain about. My set of very friendly builders left me with the most desirable meat bones, somewhere in the garden. Buried shallow enough for my much loved, often unpopular, Labrador and Border collie. Now Doofus (the lab) is no doofus when we're talking food! He KNOWS there's something somewhere and if he keeps digging, oh boyà it is going to pay off one of these days! Hence all the patches of 'healthy today, gone tomorrow' in my lawn, borders and the rest.

Then come my charming boys, Thomas and Jelly - cats that aren't always convinced of their feline ancestry. They consider these bare patches as considerate and friendly acts and a sign of why symbiotic coexistence with dogs is a must! Them lovely, if slightly dim dogs will dig to China, which they can fill with surprises. The difference between losing plants because of my dogs vs. my cats? Speed. With the dogs it is an in-your-face act of 'we don't care, whatya gonna do?'. At most they might be tail between legs for 3 seconds upon you finding the leftovers of much cared for, but now ruined plants. With the cats on the other hand, you notice Lavender no 2 not looking very happy and 3 months later you finally accept that Lavender no 2 has died. The reasons being that my cats seem to love having a toilet-with-a-fragrant-view. And without going into toilet-humour, they really work on my nerves with their smug expressions while doing 'it' in leisure time.

Then comes my much-adored husband with innocent but seriously enquiring comments of 'this or that' ground cover that just isn't working here. The fact that it is just not the right plant for this specific spot. And he can be ever so helpful with informative suggestions of me having to make more cuttings and do some planting before any rain. This being near impossible nowadays with a 2-year old that suddenly decided that the garden is not as cool as the beach and refuses to be kept entertained in it, but rather shouts 'car' every time I try and entice her into it for some gardening time.

Either way, it all comes down to that barrel of chicken bones left behind by my ever-so-friendly buildersà they were really nice guys.

All the best,
The Gardening Eden Team

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