Roses, glorious roses!

Roses, glorious roses!

We are happy to see so much of them at the moment! So how about buying your special loved one a Rose bush for the garden? You will find there is a rose for every taste and garden, ranging from the very dainty miniature such as the 'Avondel' or the 'Black Madonna' a hybrid tea. Or opt for a romantic climber such the 'Blossomtime'. They all spell out love and affection and that is almost all they need themselves! Rose requirements are...
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Birds in the Garden

All of us know of gardens that we feel drawn to although essentially it isn't really your taste. Why is that? Good energy. If there's life and positive energy, it's hard not to like something, someone or some space. A garden should never be just about design and aesthetics, but also about Life Energy.

The presence of birds in a garden indicates the company of insects, berries, water, colour, height and a good dose of Mother Nature - which to us gardeners mean Paradise! What would a garden be without birdsong? Birdbaths add such friendly romance, but what worth would they be if striking starlings never bath in them? Birds are our free cousins that compliment, and bless, our gardens with their presence.

They don't ask for anything that is not in Nature herself. In short, they need a safe place to eat and drink that which your garden provides. By choosing your plants cleverly, you might only need to provide water in the end! Thus, have a careful look at both lists below and make your selection to suit your region, your garden and your feathered friends! Plants which your feathered friends will appreciate include...Click to continue

Cottage gardens

Cottage gardens are synonymous with romance. They consist of a mixture of annuals and perennials, bulbs and dwarf shrubs - sometimes even a fusion of formality and informality... Incorporate a small pathway or some stepping stones for the traffic areas to enable you to walk through a garden that is welcoming and friendly. Like informal gardens, cottage gardens are often more...Click to continue


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