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Welcome to our PLANTS. We hope to provide you with clear, simple, information about plants you may want to include in your garden. Where to plant them, what to avoid, what they need and how to grow more from the plants you have.

Invader Plants Guide
Visit our Invader Plants Guide lists to find out exactly what plants you need to remove from your garden.

Plants that are Toxic to Animals
Visit our Are your plants toxic to animals?

Regional Plants Guide
Visit our Regional Plants Guide to find out exactly what climate type you live in, which plants are suited to that climate and whether your area suffer from frost or not. Our Regional Plants Guide covers South Africa and will be expanded to include the rest of Southern Africa in the future.

Useful Plants Guide
Our Useful Plants Guide explores the various uses of plants from culinary, medicinal and cosmetic viewpoints. We provide you with a herbal culinary chart and recipes that range from cheese cake to fish bakes. We expand on medicinal herbs used in tinctures and teas for various ailments, what herbs to use and how to use them. We explain what essential oils to use for various ailments and how to use them and what herbs to use for various cosmetic applications like soaps, face masks, bath bags and even candles. Make your own cosmetic products with herbs you've grown in your garden. We look at other Southern African plants that have healing or medicinal properties.

Annuals are economical, fast-growing and long-flowering plants that provide quick transformations in the garden and excellent cut flowers for the house. They possess the ability to mature from seed in just two or three months, thus allowing us to fill gaps almost instantly, between shrubs and perennials, add brilliant, contrasting colours planted in flowerbeds, hanging baskets or containers. Their life cycle, from seed to seeding, last one growing season.

Bulbous plants are a bonus to any garden due to their versatility and adaptability to most habitats and soil-types. They need very little maintenance and can be grown in beds, borders, randomly in lawns, pots, window boxes or hanging baskets. Gardens can have all-year colour by careful selections of these magnificent plants...

Climbers can be used effectively to provide windbreaks or privacy, conceal unwanted sights or merely to add an atmosphere of romance. With varying flower colours and foliage, one can choose plants to suit the home and garden’s colour scheme and theme. By considering different climbing methods, one can train Climbers into most shapes, fitting any space or, in the case of sprawling species, even using them as ground covers.

Conifers - not just as Christmas trees. This range of mostly evergreen, cone-bearing plants is vast with shape-, size- and colour differences to suite any preferable taste and most climatic-, soil- or size- situations. Belonging to this range is the world’s tallest tree, the Sequoia, but also flat, ground-hugging plants and dwarf shrubs. There is an abundant list of Conifers to choose from and garden uses are never-ending. From container plants, shrubberies and rockeries to lawn specimens, hedges, windbreaks and shade trees. They add instant colour, texture and shape to your garden, are low-maintenance and most plants never need any pruning whatsoever. Plant them the same way as any shrub.

Ferns need no introduction, even to those without gardens! They are diplomats of the plant-world, getting along with all other shade-loving plants. Any space will be enhanced by a potted or planted fern, whether en masse or alone, because of their delicate beauty. Adding to their popularity is their simple growing needs.

Ground Covers
Ground Covers form living carpets of lush foliage and flowers. They can be used to fill difficult-to-grow areas or as an alternative to lawns. Ground Covers spread fast and are ideal for doing away with the barren, clean look of a new garden or between shrubs and trees, they eliminate weed-growth and also solve problems of sloping sites - to name a few uses!

Hedges are great, aesthetic features to gardens, providing not only decorative screens to different planting areas, but also hiding unwanted sights. More practically, Hedges provide privacy and shade, they screen noise and act as wind-shelters. They can create microclimates enabling you to plant otherwise unsuited plants. Hedges can suit your garden style by being informal with curving branches or clipped and formal.

Kitchen Gardens - Vegetables, Kitchen Gardens - Fruit and Kitchen Gardens - Herbs are most successfully incorporated into gardens nowadays and there’s no reason why they shouldn't help 'decorate' your garden. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, there's nothing quite as satisfying as going out to harvest your own produce for tonight's cooking.

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