Viola cornuta – Viola, Horned violet, Tufted pansy

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Viola cornuta Viola, Horned violet, Tufted pansy

Pyrenees; 15 - 25cm
Planting position: Semi-shade.
Suitable for all growing regions, with winter watering where needed.
Wind-protected planting spot.
Requires regular watering, during dry spells especially, ensuring constant moist conditions.
Well-draining sandy soil, enriched with compost and added complete fertiliser
to planting hole prior to planting.
Autumn-, winter- and spring applications of liquid fertiliser, three weekly.
Watch out for red spider mite.
Propagate from autumn-sown seed.

No introduction is needed with the Viola, for it's so popular in the winter-springborder. With its many varieties’ pansy-like flowers available in many colours.
V. x wittrockiana (10cm) is known as the Pansy and produces large winter-and springflowers. These blooms are soft, some with dark centres and available in many colours.

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