Tradescantia fluminensis – Wandering Jew

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Tradescantia fluminensis Wandering Jew

S. America; 15 x 40cm
Planting position: Semi-shade.Ideal for subtropical regions.Not suited to very hot, dry regions nor areas without severe frost.Provide additional watering for drier areas.Spacing of 30cm.
Requires regular watering.Sandy soil with added organic matter.Trimming when necessary.Watch out for snails, caterpillars and slugs.
Propagate from cuttings.

The Wondering Jew grows fast and has oval, pointed green leaves, banded with violet, and yellow- or white markings. Spring flowers are clustered and white.
T. pallida is striking in sunny spots with purplish-plum foliage clothing its flesh stems.
T. spathacea has small, white spring flowers and attractive foliage rosettes. The leaves are fleshy, glossy, and dark-green with purplish undersides.
T. virginiana has long, strap-like evergreen leaves and spring flowers of white, purple, rose or blue.

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