Strelitzia augusta – Great white strelitzia

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South AfricaStrelitzia - click to enlarge Strelitzia augusta Great white strelitzia

Indigenous; 2 - 6m
Planting position: Full sun.Wind-protected planting spot.Ideal for temperate to tropical regions, but provide adequate watering where needed. (Possible for growing in regions with moderate frost, but with shelter only).
Requires regular and thorough watering, keeping the soil constantly moist.Compost-enriched, fertile soil.Spring application of complete fertiliser.
Propagate from spring division or seed.

This rhizomatous plant is clump-forming with long, evergreen, spear-shaped, leathery leaves. During summer, the Strelitzia bears bird-like, white flowers and rich purple bracts on long stems.
S. alba (8m) with massive leaves on 2m long stalks and white spathes.
S. nicolai (7 - 9m) bears large banana-like leaves and its flower consist of a reddish spathe, a white inner-, and blue outer flower segment.
S. reginae (1,5m) produces stunning orange and purplish-blue flowers, along with massive leaves.

Strelitzia reginae - click to enlarge Strelitzia - click to enlarge

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