Plants – Regional Guide – Western Cape Coast

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Western Cape Coast

Regional Guide - Western Cape Coast

This region stretches along the coast from the Orange River to Citrusdal and Redelinghuys.

Rainfall: Winter rainfall.
Temperatures: Summer - warm to hot.
Winters - cool to cold.

The following list shows those indigenous plants easiest to grow in this area:


South Africa Acacia albida (Ana tree)

South Africa Acacia sieberana var. woodii (Paperbark acacia)

South Africa Acacia xanthophloea (Fever tree)

South Africa Dais cotinifolia (Pompon tree)


South Africa Coleonema album (White confetti bush)

South Africa Coleonema pulchrum (Confetti bush)


South Africa Jasminum multipartitum

Herbaceous Perennials and Bulbous Plants

South Africa Agapanthus africanus (Lily of the Nile)

South Africa Agapanthus hybrids

South Africa Aloe ciliaris (Climbing aloe)

South Africa Aloe spp.

South Africa Babiana stricta (Bobbejaantjie, Wine cup, Babiana)

South Africa Crassula arborescens (Bull tacky)

South Africa Drosanthemum

South Africa Felicia amelloides (Blue marguerite, Blue daisy)

South Africa Lampranthus aureus (Vygie, Ice flower)

South Africa Lampranthus roseus (Red vygie, Mesembryanthemum)

South Africa Lithops (Stone plants)

South Africa Osteospermum ecklonis (Van Stadens River daisy)

South Africa Pelargonium

South Africa Pelargonium peltatum (Ivy-leafed geranium, Trailing geranium)

South Africa Zantedeschia aethiopica (Arum lily)

Spring annuals grow successfully here.

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