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Regional Guide - Mpumalanga

This region stretches from Witbank and Standerton in the west, and is bordered by the Free State, Natal and the eastern- and southern borders of Swaziland. It includes the high-lying areas of Gauteng to the south of Vaalhoek.

Rainfall: High, but erratic summer rainfall.
Temperatures: Summer - warm.
Winters - cold with temperatures dropping below freezing point.

The following list shows those indigenous plants easiest to grow in this area:


South Africa Acacia albida (Ana tree)

South Africa Acacia sieberana var. woodii (Paperbark acacia)

South Africa Acacia xanthophloea (Fever tree)

South Africa Celtis africana (White stinkwood)

South Africa Rhus lancea (Karee)

South Africa Rhus leptodictya (Mountain karee)

South Africa Rhus pedulina (White karee)


South Africa Buddleia salviifolia (Sage wood, Sage-leaved buddleia)

South Africa Dais cotinifolia (Pompon tree)

South Africa Gardenia amoena

South Africa Gardenia thunbergia (White, Starry gardenia)

South Africa Plumbago auriculata (Cape leadwort)


South Africa Jasminum multipartitum

Herbaceous Perennials and Bulbous Plants

South Africa Felicia amelloides (Blue marguerite, Blue daisy)

South Africa Gerbera jamesonii (Barberton daisy)

South Africa Kniphofia breviflora

South Africa Kniphofia x praecox (Red-hot poker)

South Africa Leonotis leonurus (Lion’s tail, lion’s ear, wild dagga)

With adequate frost protection most annuals will grow successfully in this region.

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