Plectranthus – Spur flower

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Plectranthus Spur flower

Many Indigenous; 30cm - 1,5m
Planting position: Semi-shade.Not suited to very dry areas.
Requires regular watering during dry spells.Compost-enriched soil.Spring application of liquid fertiliser.Watch out for aphids and caterpillars.
Propagate from cuttings or seed.

Many of these perennials will grow in regions with moderate frost, but do better in those without, or indoors. Their summer- and autumn flowers are small, tubular and two-lipped.
P. behrii (70cm) produces lilac flower spikes during autumn and has broad leaves with purplish undersides and faded green surfaces.
P. fruticosus (1 - 1,5m) with heart-shaped green leaves and tall flower spikes during summer and autumn. The blooms are a rich bluish-mauve shade.
P. hilliardiae (50cm) bears mauve, autumn flowers and fleshy leaves.
P. madagascariensis ‘Madagascariensis’ (30cm) has toothed foliage, sometimes shaded pink, and with cream margins. It flowers during autumn in white.
P. saccatus (30cm) with mauve flowers and small, yellowish-green, heart-shaped foliage.

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