Peperomia orba ‘Astrid’ – Princess Astrid

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Peperomia orba ‘Astrid’ Princess Astrid

Tropics; 25cm
Requires moderate watering and never over-water, for this can prove fatal..Potting mixtures of peat-based mix.High-light-intensity and provide humidity.Applications of a nitrogenous fertiliser, fortnightly, during growing seasons.
Propagate from tip cuttings.

This peperomia has light green leaves and red-streaked stems.
P. argyreia (Watermelon plant) has round leaves with silver and dark-green bands.
P. caperata has corrugated, heart-shaped leaves which are small and deep-green, with reddish stalks.
P. scandens is a trailing plant with hear-shaped, green leaves which are bordered yellow.

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