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3 - 8m
Planting position: Full sun.Wind-protected area .Ideal for summer rainfall regions.
Tolerates moderate drought, once established.
Requires regularly, thorough watering, during summer especially and until established.Deep, moist soil that drains well and is enriched with plenty of

compost.Applications of complete fertiliser in summer and late winter.Prune back old, straggly wood in late winter.
Propagate from summer semi-hardwood cuttings, or from seed.

These summer flowering evergreens produce edible fruit and beautiful large blooms.
P. antioquiensis (3m) with rich orange-red, granadilla-type flowers.
P. caerulea (5m) has scented whitish flowers, with purplish and powder blue corollas. The foliage is bluish green and the fruit inedible.
P. manicata (4 - 5m) is striking with large, scarlet flowers, that have blue coronas.
P. mollissima (4m) with soft pink, large flowers and yellow, edible fruit.
P. quadrangularis (7 - 8m) has bluish-purple banded flowers, pinkish inside and with a white corolla. Following the flowers are large fruits.

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