Nephrolepis exaltata – Boston fern, Sword fern

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Nephrolepis exaltata Boston fern, Sword fern

Tropics; 80cm
Requires moderate watering and never allow the plants to dry out completely.
Potting mixtures of soil-based mix with peat.
Medium light-intensity.
Provide humid conditions.
Applications of a nitrogenous fertiliser, fortnightly, during growing seasons.
Propagate from spring division or from spores.

The Sword fern is a vigorous grower with up to 60cm long fronds, arching with leaves that are arranged both sides of the rib. Furry stolons emerge from the underground rhizomes.
N. cordifolia (Erect sword fern) has wide fronds that taper to the top and which grows upright initially but droops towards the ends.

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