Magnolia campbellii

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Magnolia - click to enlargeMagnolia campbellii

SW. China; 15m
Planting position: Full sun or semi-shade.Wind-protected area.Ideal for cooler, temperate, areas with high rainfall.
Requires adequate watering during dry spells.Well-draining, slightly acidic, soil.
Propagate from hardwood cuttings or from seed.

The tree has stunning large scented flowers that open to reveal male- and female parts in early spring. These blooms come in tones of white to deep pink.
Magnolia denudata (Lily tree, 10m) is a shrubby tree that produces spectacular cup-shaped, creamy and lovely scented flower buds, when open, from late winter onwards.
Magnolia grandiflora (Southern magnolia, 10m). In early summer this triangular-shaped tree bears waxy, white flowers. These flowers are large and sweetly scented. The glossy leaves are leathery.
Magnolia - click to enlargeMagnolia lilliflora ‘nigra’ (4m) This tree usually develops into a compact, bush- like, shape and the bark on the young wood is characteristically black. Flowering deep red from late spring.
Magnolia stellata (Star magnolia, 3m) grows densely, with early spring flowers. The masses of blooms are white and in the case of
M. stellatorosea the flowers are soft pink.

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