Lilium – Lilies

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Lilium Lilies

Asia; 50cm - 3m
Planting position: Full sun or semi-shade.Wind-protected area.Areas without hot humidity.
Requires regular watering during growing season, otherwise kept dry.Well-draining soil, enriched with old, matured compost.Generous mulching with leaf mould.Ensure a cool root and bottom stem area, by mulching.Watch out for snails, slugs, aphids, Virus and Lily disease.
Propagate from summer division.
Lilies need no introduction and are popular for their exquisite flowers that are alsopopular with florists.

Some Lilium species:

L. amabile (1m) has large red, spotted black, flowers from early spring to early summer.
L. auratum (1,5m) produces white flowers, each petal with a golden central band and spotted purple.
L. candidum (1,5m) are graceful with large fragrant flowers, trumpet-shaped and white.
L. davidii (1m) with bright orange to red flowers, spotted black.
L. formosanum (2m) has white, trumpet-shaped flowers, with brown or purplish markings outside.
L. hansonii (1m) with golden-yellow flowers, spotted coppery.
L. henryi (1,5m) produces orange-yellowish, red-spotted flowers.
L. longiflorum (1,5m) are the well-known, white-flowered St. Joseph’s lily.
L. martagon (1m) with reddish-purple flowering.
L. oriental ‘Stargazer’ (50cm) with large flowers in shades of white and soft pink.
L. pardalinum (1m) bears yellow and orange flowers spotted purple or brown.
L. pumilum (50cm) has striking scarlet flowers.
L. regale (1,5m) with white, trumpet-shaped flowers, each with a yellow centre, light purplish outside.
L. speciosum (1,5m) whose flowers have pink shades and spots on the white flowers.
L. superbum (2m) bears red flowers with purplish-brown spots.
L. tenuifolium (1m) has brilliant scarlet flowers.
L. wilsonii (1,5m) with large burnt-orange flowers, each petal banded central with gold.

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