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Kitchen Garden Plants - Herbs
Kitchen Garden Plants - Herbs Guide
Kitchen Garden Plants - Fruit
Kitchen Garden Plants - Fruit Guide
Kitchen Garden Plants - Vegetables
Kitchen Garden Plants - Vegetables Guide
Kitchen Garden Plants - Organic Farming

It is most rewarding to pick and eat your own home-grown, organic vegetables, fruit and herbs, but many gardeners are not willing, or able to dedicate the time, effort and space needed. However these gardens needn’t be very large, strictly formal or tucked away. You can easily introduce certain herbs, vegetables and fruit to flower beds or pot-planted for growing on patios and even balconies. Particular fruit could be trained as very ornamental espaliers. Kitchen gardens should be an aesthetic pleasure, yet also provide in your culinary needs.


You can create a brilliant feature through herb gardening but keep it near the kitchen for convenience and rich aroma. Many of these plants possess medicinal properties and are used in food, tea, cosmetics and other forms. The seeds and plants are harvested for their preventative properties, its nutritional lue and grown for the aesthetic pleasure it provides. Herbs can be planted in geometric, formal to informal beds, herb wheels and containers. Position smaller, more ornamental subjects to the front, planted with compost-enriched, well-draining soil where plants will receive ample sun, no draught and regular watering. Play with design possibilities and visual alternatives like, colour schemes, and let your personal need and preference guide you.


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