Hibiscus rosa-sinensis – Chinese hibiscus, Rose of China

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Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Chinese hibiscus, Rose of China

China; 2 - 4m
Planting position: Full sun or semi-shade.Ideal for subtropical areas.Area with wind-protection.
Requires regular and thorough watering, ensuring always-moist-soil.Fertile, compost-enriched soil.Spring application of complete fertiliser.Hard pruning after flowering.Watch out for attacks from caterpillars.
Propagate from summer soft tip cuttings or late winter hardwood cuttings.
Striking, fast-growing evergreens with shiny, broad foliage and single- or double flowers, with prominent stamens, during summer and autumn.
‘Agnes Galt’ grows upright and has pinkish-centred, mauve-pink and single flowers.
‘All Aglow’ with single orange flowers, blotched yellow, with a pinkish centre.
‘American Beauty’ has large, striking pink, single flowers that are dark in the centre.
‘Bride’ has very pale pink, “bleeding" to white in the throat, single and large flowers.
‘Brilliant’ has single and bright red flowers and grows upright.
‘Canary Island’ with large, pale pink, single flowers that have a shocking red centre.
‘Calafornian Gold’ has single flowers, “bleeding" in pale cream, yellow and red.
‘Conqueror’ has light apricot flowers centred deep red.
‘Cooperi’ has small and single, striking red, single flowers and bronze foliage.
‘Debutante’ bears extra large, single, orange-red flowers that are throated and veined white.
‘Envy’ with yellow, overlapping flowers that are large and single.
‘Fiesta’ has single overlapping, striking orange flowers centred with maroon shades.
‘Full moon’ with double, cup-and-saucer yellow flowers, with white eye.
‘Halea Kala’ produces (sometimes-deformed) orange flowers, edged yellow on its petals.
‘Kona’ has double, scented flowers that are pink and medium sized.
‘Lemon Queen’ with red blotches in the centre of its pale yellow, single flowers.
‘Miss Betty’ with single, striking yellow flowers.
‘Monsoon’ has large, single and deeply veined, burnt orange flowers.
‘Mrs. Fairbrass’ with large, double flowers, orange with maroon centre.
‘Pink Butterfly’ has small and single, pink flowers with striking red veins.
‘Ross Estey’ has large, soft silvery rose pink, single flowers.
‘White Butterfly’ with small single, fine white flowers and grows tall and erect.

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