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Hedges - Guide

When in need of more privacy, you can plant ‘walls’ of attractive greenery, instead of just going for that usual boring built one with the hard lines.

Hedging is also a very effective method to keep wind from sensitive areas, to frame the garden or simply for aesthetic pleasure. Like all else planning and preparation are essential and perhaps the most important requirement is patience.

Like little soldiers in a row…

Prepare for planting
by digging a trench first of more or less 80cm wide and deep. Work through the trench’s bottom soil with a garden fork, breaking up clods of earth and afterwards drain generously with water. Work into the planting soil a 15cm-layer of compost or manure with a fork until the soil mixture is fine and well blended. The trench can now be refilled with this mixture and water thoroughly after planting. To give your plants an extra boost incorporate, right before planting, 60g of 2:3:2 per square metre or Superphosphate, also 60g per square metre.

Keep in mind that immediate watering is essential to avoid burning.

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