Gypsophila paniculata – Baby’s breath

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Gypsophila paniculata Baby’s breath

Asia Minor; 60 - 75cm
Planting position: Full sun or semi-shade.Suitable for all growing regions not very hot and dry.Planting spot with wind-protection.
Requires regular watering.Well-draining sandy soil.Late winter application of complete fertiliser.Watch out for snails, aphids and slugs.
Propagate from winter division.

The spring- and summer flowers of this herbaceous perennial is much used by florists, are white and tiny, single or double and loosely clustered in masses.It is a much-branched plant with greyish-green foliage.
G. repens (20cm) is commonly known as Fairy grass and prefers full sun. With trailing habit, it covers the ground fast and flowers during spring and summer in white or pink. Ensure good flowering through spring applications of complete fertiliser and trimming after flowering.

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