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30cm - 2m
Planting position: Full sun.Wind-protected planting spot.Suitable for most growing regions, provided summer watering.
Requires regular, thorough watering, never allowing soil to dry out.Compost-enriched soil.Application of liquid fertiliser with appearance of first buds.Staking if necessary.Watch out for red spider mite and aphids.
Propagate form seed, cuttings or division.

Flowering from summer to autumn, these easy-to-grow perennials are available in different colours and heights.

Dahlia categories:

Star dahlias have small flower heads, cup-shaped and formed by 2/3 rings of pointed petals.
Show dahlias with globular, double flower heads.
Pompon dahlias is similar to Show dahlias, but with smaller flowers that resembles pompons.
Peony-flowered dahlias are available in dwarf, small, medium or large sizes, with flower heads consisting of 2/3 rings of petals.
Anemone-flowered dahlias have flowers with upward pointing tubular florets, grouped densely together and surrounded by flat petals. The two usually differ in colour.
Single-flowered dahlias consists of 8 smooth overlapping petals, creating a beautiful round shape.
Collerette dahlias are similar to single dahlias, with the same single series of flat petals, except it has got shorter upward-facing florets, ringed above each series of petals, usually in a different colour.
Informal-decorative with double flower heads of pointed, flat petals that is irregularly spaced. Available in dwarf, small, med. or large sizes.
Formal-decorative with double flower heads. The well-spaced petals are flatly and broadly pointed, with edges other wise slightly curving inwards. Available in dwarf, small, med. or large sizes.
Cactus dahlia have double flower heads of a central filbert-shaped floret group, surrounded by petals, twisting to at least three quarters of its length. Available in size sub-classes.

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