Codiaeum variegatum – Croton

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Codiaeum variegatum Croton

Pacific Islands, Malaya, S. India; 1,5 - 2m
Planting position: Full sun or semi-shade.Ideal for subtropical regions.
Requires regular watering, especially during dry spells and summer.Well-draining acidic soil, enriched with compost.Fertiliser applications.Watching out for red spider mite’ attacks.
Propagate from tip cuttings.

These popular shrubs have insignificant flowers, but striking foliage, varying incolour, shape and size.
‘America’ (1,5m - full sun) with large, yellow to red veined, copper leaves.
‘Bravo’ (1,5m - s/shade) with red veined, bronze leaves.
‘Burgundy Glow’ (2,5m - full sun) large, reddish veined, copper leaves.
‘Caribbean Star’ (2m - full sun) with reddish veined, metallic leaves.
‘Franklin Roosevelt’ (2m - full sun) with long, narrow, red leaves, spotted salmon-pink.
‘Imperialis’ (1,5m - s/shade) has small yellow leaves that “bleed" in reds, pinks and oranges.
‘Musaicus’ (1,5m - full sun) has wrinkled, green leaves, spotted yellow and pink.
‘Schattii’ (2m - full sun) has golden centred leaves, veined red.
‘Stoplight’ (1,5m - full sun) with greenish-black foliage, blotched yellow and red.

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