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Bougainvillea - click to enlargeBougainvillea

Planting position: Full sun.
Areas without severe frost.
3m spaces between plants.
Tolerates drought, once established.
Majority of fungus- and/or pest attacks.
Requires water regularly until established, but note that the more you water a mature
Bougainvillea the fewer flowers it will produce.
Well-composted sandy soil.
Undisturbed roots with transplanting.
The training of new growth towards the next Bougainvillea plant.
Colour mixing only with species with similar growing habits.
Pruning to shape during dormant winter.
Propagate from hardwood cuttings during spring.

Some examples with their main caltivars:

B. x buttiana ‘ Bridal bouquet’ this double variety has whitish bracts, and in full sun they may be tipped with rose-shades.
B. x buttiana ‘Brilliance’ with bracts shading through tones of red.
B. x buttiana ‘Coconut Ice’ with white bracts and cerise-coloured tips.
B. x buttiana ‘Daphne Mason’ has reddish-brown bracts that, with maturity, fade to a powdery pink.
B. x buttiana ‘David Lemmer’ with bright red bracts and striking foliage.
B. x buttiana ‘Golden Doubloon’ is a double variety with pink, orange and yellow colouring on its bracts.
B. x buttiana ‘James Walker’ with very large, striking red bracts.
B. x buttiana ‘Lady Mary Baring’ has brilliant yellow bracts.
B. x buttiana ‘Mary Palmer’ large white bracts, ‘bleeding’ with pink.
B. x buttiana ‘Mrs McClean’ with bracts changing colour, beginning with orange, then pinkish-orange and with maturity ending with a deep pink.
B. x buttiana ‘Red Glory’ comes with striking pure red bracts.
B. glabra ‘Dream’ with white bracts ‘bleeding’ with shades of lilac.
B. glabra ‘Gladys Hepburn’ striking with shell-pink bracts.
B. spectabilis ‘African Sunset’ is moderately growing with orange, pink and red bracts.
B. spectabilis ‘Purple Robe’ produces large clusters of purple bracts.

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