Allium sativum – Garlic

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Allium sativum Garlic

Europe; 65cm
Planting position: Full sun.
Requires thorough, regular watering.Well-draining, organically-enriched soil.Monthly applications of liquid fertiliser.Cut faded flower heads.
Propagate from late-summer bulb division.

From the garlic bulbs, covered with a papery white skin, emerge long, flat leaves and summer flowers of purple. The nutritious, perennial garlic has disinfectant and antiseptic properties and is known to boost the immune system. Garlic planted next to roses also boost their growth.
A .schoenoprasum (30cm) is known as the chive and dies down during winter, but reappear in spring. The leaves, emerging from the bulb is long and flat, and the flower-balls are pinkish-purple.
A. ursinum has broad leaves, reminding on of lily-of -the-valley, and star-shaped flowers of white.

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