Acacia albida – Ana tree

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South AfricaAcacia albida Ana tree

Indigenous; 25m
Planting position: Full sun.
Tolerates drought.
Requires watering until established.Loamy soil.
Propagate from seed.

A fast growing thorn tree with a greyish bark. It produces long creamy flowers and bluish-green fern-like foliage.
Acacia caffra (Common hook-thorn, 10m) has an, almost, contorted stem and twisting branches, this shrubby deciduous tree has a spreading habit. It produces creamy yellow flowers in spring, followed by seed pods. The foliage are fern-like and it doesn’t bear many thorns.
Acacia galpinii (Monkey thorn, 20m) is a lush, fast growing tree with light green foliage, a papery bark and strong, hooked thorns of 8cm and longer.
Acacia karroo (Sweet thorn, 5m) has 7cm stout white thorns and scented clusters of yellow pompon flowers.
Acacia nigrescens (Knob-thorn, 14m) has got a very hard bark, covered with knobbly, black thorns. The leaves are very interesting in shape and long, creamy catkins are produced in spring.

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