Philippolis nightmares and Chelsea glory

Philippolis nightmares and Chelsea glory

Every season brings with it specific activities. In autumn we tend to shop for our gardens. Bulbs and autumn go together and we start seeing the little ornamental glass containers-with-bulbs everywhere. Winter on the other hand, for us, mean hearing more from our clients as they are more indoors, do more research, dream about the next summer garden and surf the internet as a result. Already now I have had the pleasure of talking Plants, worry about season-related attacks on them and what treatments now will get the best out of our fruit trees in spring.

One memorable email that I dealt with yesterday was from Rina, a lovely lady who loves her Philippolis garden in the South of Freestate. For 10 years her garden was thriving and gorgeous enough for photo shoots and envy. Suddenly, without warning or reason, grass and plants started dying left, right and centre, newly planted grass and herbs refuse to grow at all and her gorgeous White Stinkwood is now a mix of dead and alive. Can you imagine! We take for granted great design + money + effort = a lovely garden that will be attacked by the odd manageable little pest. That we have to just feed at the right times, spray with chilli now and then and replace a casualty hardly ever. To have your complete garden under threat, over night, is a nightmare.

Another email I enjoyed was from an ex-South African living in rural France. She is starting a garden there from scratch and will of course have weird and wonderful challenges in her new foreign country. Over here, we can get our fertiliser, bone meal, compost and mulch bagged û very convenient for gardening-from-scratch. Is it the same over there?

Then a goodbye email from Melanie Fenn who is now leaving the Conde Naste team for a Landscape Architect company based in Stellenbosch. I will personally miss her pages every month as they always hit my Must-Have-Buttons and dealing with her has been such a pleasure. We wish her all the best - may her star will shine bright. For Mila, her successor, may you be very happy at your Conde Naste û itÆs such an honour working for this incredible magazine.

All the best,
The Gardening Eden Team

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