New Liliums from Hadeco

New Liliums from Hadeco

Hadeco has introduced three exciting varieties of new Liliums for 2007. This ever popular, dramatically beautiful species of flower is available in numerous modern hybrids, offering a range of types, colours and sizes that are easy to grow and provide a spectacular show in the garden.

Hadeco's new Liliums include "Cassandra", a beautiful white oriental hybrid with a yellow stripe, Asiflorum (LA) comes in "Dynamico" (pink), "Royal Fantasy" (cream) and "Royal Justice" (yellow) and does very well as a cut flower. Then there is "Pixie" in yellow, red and orange, which is a smaller variety that is ideal for potting or small gardens. The Pixie also does well indoors, so can add beautiful vibrant colour to the house or office this season.

The new Lilium bulbs from Hadeco are available until August from all good garden centres.

Visit Hadeco's website for more information.

Lilium Royal Fantasy Lilium Orange Pixie

Lilium Lemon Pixie Lilium Dynamico

Lilium Cassandra Lilium Royal Justice

Lilium Crimson & Orange Pixie

Information Supplied by Hadeco. Visit Hadeco's website for more information.

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