I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas

I can't believe it's nearly Christmas.

The most repeated sentence right now must be "à I can't believe it's nearly Christmas à". But tempting as it may be to feel slightly panicky about this 'flying time' situation, we are entering the festive season and there are better things to worry about. Like gifts, the setting, food and the tree. Unlike our American friends, it seems we all own fake trees (and nothing wrong with that!) but why not opt for a live one this year.

With our climate we get to plan fabulous parties outdoors and a plastic little numberà well, it's just not the same, is it? A live and growing tree can be potted up and moved around as and where it is needed, planted out in the garden afterwards or kept as a container plant for reusing next year. To choose from are cedars, pines, yellowwoods and many more. Find your special tree in our Conifers section before heading to the nurseries. And while we are on the topic of 'live', why not go the same route with the gifts? Herbs and chillies will be adored by almost anyone - but do ensure the pot is anything but plastic! On the other hand we all love handmade gifts (well, I do!) and for inspiration visit the Herb pages for recipes on numerous items from 'for the kitchen' to 'for the bathroom'. Christmas' pre-days will fly faster than any other, so be prepared and don't wait for no. 99 - it is closer than you think! Yet, once those special couple of days arrive I'm putting my feet up, think grateful thoughts and be merry - just like the cards say! May you be blissfully happy this season and arrive safely.

All the best,
The Gardening Eden Team

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