Make Lemonade with the lemons you get

Make Lemonade with the lemons you get.

South Africans have the amazing ability to take what they get and work it into their favours. 'n Boer maak 'n plan. Take Beyers Beyers for instance. He is the nice-guy-farmer behind Planet Wise. Planet Wise started with one guy thinking OK, I need to pull these invader Black Wattles out, but hey presto! they can make me money. That I like. And South Africans buy these products because a) they are stylish, rustic and/or funky in all gardens and b) it's hip to be 'wise'. We generally look down on the loud American lifestyle of 'want more, waste more'. We understand that when you work with your environment, it will work for you.

In Cape Town we see more and more Mediterranean and water-wise planting which results in Green Belts and pavements which look permanently good. We see creative hard landscaping with accent plants in very expensive pots and quaint patches of ground covers replacing lawns. Dotted in between these are the likes of my neighbour who, when dealt with the clay-soil-card, planted roses! Now, and I'm not biased! these are the perfect roses. Ones belonging to the glossy pages of a Keith Kirsten book. Smelling and touching them is unavoidable, they just demand it from you. The large velvety petals are a deep red with black shadow. Someone really needs to write a poem about these... and that someone clearly isn't going to be me. Maybe I could beg Ms S for a photograph some time and show you all what I'm trying to say. But anyway, that's what you do with clay!

What better way to enter the month of love than with a round little vase overflowing with exquisite, dark red roses. Use your own roses for your out-of-the-movies al fresco love-meal with white table cloth, candles - the works.

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