Love is in the air

Love is in the air.

When we think of love, words like adoration, affection and romance come to mind. But to love is also to care. My dictionary tells me that to care means you treat something gently so that it stays in good condition and do what is required to help or protect. We all love plants and/or gardens otherwise we wouldn't be on this page, but to simply love a plant or garden is (as you probably know by now!) not enough.

You need to care for it. Not in a dictionary-theory-way, but in practice. And I mean YOU. Get physically involved in the caring of your garden. In gardening terms we call it cultivation - a great form of escapism and therapy for over-stressed minds. This encapsulates the feeding, watering, maintenance and general tending of your plants. For most of us the last summer has been a hard one and our plants need a bit of a boost and some TLC. Start, or carry on, with a regular and generous feeding programme. Stick to deep watering (early mornings or early evenings only! - not if you live in Cape Town) and get that 5cm mulch layer going. Cut away or pull out what and where necessary. So instead of making Saturday afternoons a diary date for boredom and eating while not hungry, why not play and create and love your garden. Gardens and plants are alive and a bit like looking at a rainstorm, beautiful - but to truly experience the energy of it, you need to go into it. I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day and may you fall for (or into) your garden all over again. Oh, one last thing! Don't read me wrong and fire your beloved gardener of 20 years or get struck by lightning. Help in the garden is good and you can experience the energy of lightning from indoors!

All the best,
The Gardening Eden Team

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