Living Fossils and Other Toughies

Living Fossils and Other Toughies

It is no secret that I am crazy about this country, Cape Town, its fauna, flora & folk. We have a magic ingredient, missing anywhere else in the world. Us local folk moan over seasons that stretches too long & louder, we rejoice over new ones. In South Africa Happy is always ahead of her cousins and as gardeners we are once again full of plans and new ideas, no matter winter's harshness or impending threats of global heating and water restrictions.

Right now it's easy as we get days to plant, sow or move just about anything. Plants are neaten up and divided. Everything and everybody is keen. But then of course, so are the weeds and you will have to pull them out. Keep everyone, short- and long-lived fed and watered too.

We've been talking plenty about indigenous & water-saving plants so why not replace a few foreigners this spring with locals! You won't have to watch over our toughies half as much and it feels great to know you're not merely manipulating things but restoring equilibrium.

When last did you visit one of our National Botanical Gardens? Here you will understand the abundance of South African plant kingdom and get all the local-is-lekker inspiration you may need. The caretakers of South Africa's gems are of utmost importance - as they are caretakers of our children's inheritance.

Such as our endangered cycads a.k.a 'living fossils' as they have changed very little in the last 150 million years. Isn't that mind-blowing? 150 million years of stability! Which makes it incredibly difficult to understand the alleged exportation of them, now investigated by the government of Pretoria.

Yet, in the middle of all this finger pointing we have to applaud those that uncover catastrophes like these and fight for our treasures. Our job is to support & enjoy our botanical gardens - they smack of what's really important in life... Life!

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