Be a Light Spirit.

Be a Light Spirit.

I wish we had a 24 hour News Channel where the Network only covers feel-good stories with happy endings. For my desperate equilibrium-situation I need reports, tales and legends of people that care rather than kick. Those that make you think you'd like to meet them. I am fortunately in the privileged seat of dealing with gentle people all the time. I know they are sensitive because they ask advice on saving an agapanthus that is looking ill. (You could buy a new Agapanthus for next to nothing for Pete's sake!!) Replacing their 'children' without trying to heal them is simply callous and unthinkable to these wonderful people. I find it wonderful that most gardening enthusiasts seem so 'open'. More ready to share tips, grin at your mildew victories and become 'stranger-friends'. We all subscribe to a spirit of creation and beauty and life celebration. A powerful and eternal spirit.

I was/am astonished at the powerful movement that 'stranger-friends' started here in Cape Town when we found out about brave 4-year old Connor Gerber. A boy that has to face and fight demons whose existence I ignore out of terror. He has only a very thin, yet very expensive thread of straw to cling to. The lifeline is in America and the whole Gerber family need to relocate so that little Connor can be treated for his rare child-cancer. This will cost over 2 million Rand. Raising this amount seems so difficult. But then the spirit of Life moves through us all and I see how people pull together and refuse defeat. In the midst of this little champion's tornado are heroes. The kind of people you want on your side. His parents have my prayers and I beg on their behalves, imploring you to dig in your wallets and be generous today - help little Connor who is still not halfway with his fund raisings. Generosity will make your own heart glow warmer and keep his beating. Please go without that trendy-for-a-season boots this year. Or that computer game that will ultimately end up in the back of your cupboard. Give this little warrior a chance. See for details.

All the best,
The Gardening Eden Team

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