Going organic and water-wise gardening

Going organic and water-wise gardening

Children in the garden
For children in the garden, include in your planting scheme large foliage with dramatic colour and texture contrasts, flowers that are brightly coloured (that they should sow themselves!) like sunflowers. Rivers made from pebbles (that they can lay themselves!) and wind chimes of coloured glass (made by them of course!). Are there butterflies? Ask your little one to sow for Alyssum, butterflies love 'em! And nasturtiums for the larvae.

The Green Market
The Green Market (Pretoria National Botanical Garden) is calling out for any interested garden fundis to help them out or just support them on the 7th of March. They are looking for an expert that can help them with a creative demonstration on the topic "How to make your own compost" and also a few extra tips. Their indigenous plant and tree exchange program, Any Bloomin' Thing, will also be launched at this event. For more info or if you are interested in any of these topics, please feel free to phone Melissa at 083 562 5249 or email her at

Do you know the different weed categories for your region?
Category 1 - Northern Province, KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga
Category 3 - Other regions of South Africa
Eugenia uniflora L. Pitanga, Surinam cherry (Weed)
Ipomoea alba L. Moonflower (Weed)
Ipomoea indica (Burm.f.) Merr. Morning glory (Weed)

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