Go organic and see nature’s perfection

Go organic and see nature's perfection

My mornings are now dotted with Chincherinchee's and Lachenalia's - last month it was Watsonias in their numbers. Our mountain is the most intriguing low-maintenance garden I've ever seen. Week-after-week I'm astonished to see delicate charmers appear with no tending, feeding or interference. And I'm thinking... if nature happens so effortlessly and glamorously without intervention, then why are we struggling so at times in our own backyards? When did we stop learning through experience and observation?

Fortunately, we now have style-gurus to help the masses think about what's cool and what's not. And it seems Green is the new Black! Oprah and the hip crowd with whiter-than-white smiles, often shares organic solutions and makes people buy into it. So it's good news to see the Powers That Be take responsibility and turning it into a trend. We will be healthier as the Organic Kitchen Garden has far more Vitamin C.

Organic gardening / farming means balance. Letting go of control + studying nature + working with that knowledge = Organic gardening / farming. As control freaks we want to have everything 'just so' and manipulate spaces. Every time you spray chemicals, you also kill meat-eaters (spiders) that want to eat unwanted herbivores (pests) for FREE and when you clean your garden, leaving only lollipops with thinning gravel underneath you wipe out their accommodation, future food and insulation.

Solutions and tips to help include using pest-attractants (nasturtiums) and repellents (sage) in your favour, keeping leaves dry (through drip-irrigation) and you can make your own sprays too!

It makes sense, is cheap and feels good. Nature was designed perfectly and meant for us to enjoy and simply keep an eye over. Your garden will host thriving plants, psychedelic caterpillars and gorgeous butterflies, birds and geckos. Besides, have you ever seen a baby praying mantas? How can you kill that?!

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