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With a clear glass container (without draining holes) that is large enough to fit a plant or plants in, you can create your own terrarium quite easily. Note the container should be large enough to allow space around the plant; otherwise you may have a diseased plant soon.

What you will need:
Glass container with lid
Small gravel
Activated charcoal
Coarse builder sand
Spagnum moss
Sterile potting mix

How to:
Select your plants carefully and ensure they are compatible. They should all love humidity and indirect light, be slow growers and reasonably small specimens. Good examples are miniature begonias, some ferns, venus fly traps and peace of home. Plan your miniature garden in the same method as you would a garden bed outside, with height-play, texture and color consideration.

Spread 5cm of the gravel over the bottom for drainage. Add a 2cm layer of activated charcoal (this will filter and purify the water) and spread a thin layer of moss on top to stop the sand filtering through. Lastly, spread your thick layer of pre-moistened soil and potting mix (1 part sand, 2 parts potting mix).

Plant your plants and firm soil gently. Add gemstones, pebbles or shells. Mist the plants gently and leave the lid off until the foliage is dry (this may take a few days). Then close the lid and place it in a bright area with ample light, but no direct sunlight. Occasionally trim plants back again so that they don’t touch the glass.


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