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Recycling in the Garden

Make your own seedling pots out of newspaper. After your baby plants are big enough you can simply plant out the whole thing.

-You will need a sheet of newspaper per pot and a tiny piece of masking tape.
-Cut the paper sheet(s) in half and cut the halves in quarters.
-Take a round container of shape such as a toilet roll or spice jar and roll your sheet around it. Make sure there is an overhang on one side and that you roll it loose enough to slip off the jar.
-Fold the overhang in to serve as bottom and tape with a tiny piece of masking tape (which can degrade in time). Slip off the jar and fold top edge over for added sturdiness.

You now have a planting pot ready to fill with soil.

Raising plants without competitive weeds can be done if you start the process with the help of a weed blanket.

-Add wet newspaper sheets to a raked surface. Make sure to overlap them well to ensure great coverage.
-After designing your planting scheme, draw or paint the outline design on to the sheets.
-Cut out the ‘pattern’ of your planting spaces and secure the sheets down with nails or pegs.

Now you can start with your sowing can be done followed by a light layer of compost.


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