The Garden Guardian’s by Johan Gerber


The Garden Guardian's guide to environmentally-responsible garden careThe Garden Guardian's guide to environmentally-responsible garden care
Author: Johan Gerber
Publisher: Aardvark Press
ISBN: 0-9584785-5-4
Book Dimensions: 240 x 168
Pages: 256, 64 pages of colour
Format: Softcover
R 170.00

Fully-illustrated with a comprehensive guide to pests and diseases in the garden, The Garden Guardian's guide provides fascinating background on the various poisons and potions that can be found in garden sheds throughout South Africa and contains guidelines on how to handle them. Pesticides are often odourless and colourless, and their effects may be silent and irreversible. Often gardeners aren't willing, or equipped, to handle these chemicals with the care that they require. How often are gardeners seen applying pesticides without the appropriate protective clothing, in poor weather conditions, at the wrong time of day and too often in the wrong quantity?

Ultimately this book provides a wealth of information so that people can make their own choices. Some readers will never again use harmful pesticides in their gardens while others will have new respect for the power and effects of pesticides in the garden and environment. Hopefully no one will be unmoved to adjust their garden care practices, and perhaps the chemical pesticide producers will be pressed to provide permanent facilities and systems for safe disposal of the pesticides they create.

About Johan Gerber
Agricultural scientist Johan Gerber has been working in the field of pesticides for years and involved with various leading agricultural companies in the development and registration of many environmentally-responsible pest solutions available on the South African market for agricultural and home garden use. His philosophy is that pest control need not be at the expense of the health of the environment, or of people and animals. Johan writes for a variety of consumer and industry publications and has a regular column The Good the Bad and the Ugly in The Gardener magazine. This is how Johan describes his work, and his vision:

"If I can find ways of avoiding or minimizing the use of pesticides, then I've achieved my aim. Hopefully the day will come in the not too distant future that gardeners will be able to ask for a dozen of ladybird or parasitic wasp pupae at their local garden centres. In the meantime let us safeguard what we have in our gardens. I support the careful consideration of all available pest control techniques and subsequent integration of appropriate measures that discourage the development of pest populations and minimise the risks to human health and the environment. "

An alphabetical list of book stores and garden centres where The Garden Guardian's guide is available can be found on the PUBLICATIONS page at . For more information regarding the contents of The Garden Guardian's Guide send an e-mail to

Aardvark Press, true to its commitment to the Proudly South African campaign, has prepared and printed this impressive book exclusively in South Africa. The Garden Guardian's guide to environmentally-responsible garden care is available at leading bookstores and selected garden centre outlets. See list of bookstores and garden centres at under PUBLICATIONS.


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South Africa Click to BuyThe garden guardian's guide to environmentally responsible garden care

Author: Johan Gerber
Publisher: Aardvark Press
ISBN: 9780958478557
Format: Softcover
Publication Date: 2005/11
Length: 240mm
Width: 168mm
Pages: 256

People who have the privilege of owning and tending a piece of land or garden earn with that privilege a significant responsibility.

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Garden care advice to consumers on the use of agricultural remedies ( pesticides).

Biopesticide product development for registration with Act 36 of 1947, Department of Agriculture.

Garden talks and editorial contributions to consumer magazines.

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