Garden Buddies

Garden Buddies.

The first two months of our year have come and gone and March is upon us. During March we need to deal with the end of summer, autumn's presence, approaching of winter and a plan for spring. A mouthful, yes! But before you get tired slash despondent - the following months are cooler and the shadows longer making gardening a pleasure.

So! Without further ado you need to start cleaning up and preparing beds for autumn planting. Buy spring-flowering bulbs as soon as they appear on the shelves, but wait for the temperatures to drop sufficiently before planting them. Divide those needing division (like Alstroemerias and Agapanthus) and prune plants that have finished flowering. You can start reducing your watering amount and irrigation systems need to be adjusted accordingly. In-between these chores, remember your friends. All gardens and gardeners (should) have buddies. Half the fun of looking at your garden is remembering who gave you what.

Now more than ever we need to make this a permanent approach - for the sake of your garden's buddies like ladybugs, frogs, birds, geckos, wasps and dragon flies - to name but a few. These creatures are your soldiers and once you have their loyalty you will see the magic of nature's balance between construction and destruction. A very satisfying and "honest" way of gardening. Remember to gather and keep autumn leaves for mulch. But first let your kids run through it, kicking and screaming. Try joining them - it will leave you feeling younger, less like a control-freak and liberated. At best they will be speechless, if only for a second!

All the best,
The Gardening Eden Team

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