Free spirits and Happy Hours

Free spirits and Happy Hours.

Isn't it funny how we're just never happy with what we have - at least not for very long. During winter we want the long awaited-for rain to stop. When it does we're complaining about water restrictions. I love my 'wild overgrown' spring garden created by my abundance of flyaway nasturtiums, but soon 'wild overgrown' becomes 'messy and untidy'. The free nasturtium spirits are now overpowering and just not that cool anymore. We wish the wind away but then sadly we are in company of brown fog. My little girls often shouts out ".. hey! It's misty hey?!" and we confirm with slow 'hmmm's.

Ye of little faith. If only we could make peace with Life's cycles and embrace them, we'd come to appreciate getting winter puddles to splash in (worry about non-drying washing later) and Southeaster's to lift the brown 'mist' and a few skirts.

Steve Brunkhorst puts it so beautifully in his "Yesterday's Treasures", and I quote "There is beauty in the turn of every season and knowledge within each of life's transitions. Just as each season of the year has its own color of light, each season of life will shine its beautiful light upon the soul. Open the eyes of your heart. Enjoy the splendor. Each spring shower, summer storm, falling autumn leaf, and icy winter wind is necessary to complete the portrait of its season."

Spring and autumn give gardeners blissful Happy Hours - they are gifts and halfway zones. We need to fill these precious days with garden parties, picnics and hours-without-purpose. We need to sit still in the garden - be there. But they are perfect days for other reasons too: these days will determine your summer/winter garden's portrait. Nature wants the keepers of All Things Root-based to start preparation. It's either waking-up time or bed-time, depending on your plants. Your garden now needs proper feeding, mulching, pruning and encouragement. Not in that order! Plant a hedge and windbreak, design a knot garden in which to plant kitchen plants. And of course do catch the seeds of your winter and summer friends. This is not work but meditation-in-movement. It's one of those tasks that enable us to switch the lights on dim and stabilize the wobble of everyday life. Ask your kids and loved ones to help - if only in happy company.

All the best,
The Gardening Eden Team

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