The Kendal Group – Hubers cc

Manufacturers of various hair & skin care products, herbal products, insect repellent products, environmentally-friendly insect traps, plant foods and trace element mixtures.

Trelmix - The Solution for Healthy Plant Growth:

Trelmix Trace Element Mixture is a micro-element compound that contains all 6 micro-elements, plus magnesium, essential for the growth of all trees, shrubs, potplants, lawns, vegetables and seedlings. They act like the vitamins in your body to increase growth, vigour and resistance to disease, producing more robust plants which will flower and set fruit more prolifically. Trelmix benefits grasses by improving colour and encouraging growth by balancing their nutrient intake. The perfect solution for golf courses and bowling greens. Click here for more information on Trelmix.

Operates in: Nationwide

Contact person: Nick McConnell
Phone: 033 330 5341 / 3
Fax: 033 330 5342
Physical address: 5 Ogilvie Street, Merrivale, 3291, KwaZulu-Natal
Postal address: P O Box 803, Howick, 3290

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