Elements needed for ultimate growth in your garden

Elements needed for ultimate growth in your garden

Macro- and micro elements for ultimate growth
Plants need certain macro- and micro elements for ultimate growth performance. Deficiency symptoms, solutions for and the importance of these elements are listed below:
Nitrogen (N): Yellowing of foliage, usually first noticed on older leaves and purplish or blue tints are seen. Stunting and early dropping of autumn leaves. Nitrogen betters the plant's usage of water.
Phosphorus (P): Yellowing and purplish, blue tints on older foliage. Stunting and poor branching are evident. Phosphorus is essential to all plants for cell division and photosynthesis.
Potassium (K): Spots with a pale margin or burnt edging appear on foliage, usually noticed on older leaves first and stems may be brittle. Too much potassium may result in toxic magnesium levels. Potassium is essential to all fruiting- and flowering plants. Potassium helps protect plants against disease, improves its producing and transporting of carbohydrates, regulates stem growth- and salts of cell sap.
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